• Online DVD

  • Here is a little information about the new Online DVD Streaming Service from Danceshowfilming. Terms of the service are at the bottom of the page.

  • What is it?

    Online DVD is an online streaming service. The idea is that you will be able to watch the dance show securely on multiple devices in HD (and watch it in 4K after it becomes available). It’s an alternative to DVD discs which are becoming dated, low quality and easy to lose or damage over time.

    How do I get this?
    All you need to do is order Online DVD instead of DVD at your dance school. Because there is no physical media, you can get the Online Version cheaper than the DVD disc. You’ll need to give an email address so we can deliver directly to you.

    Showing what your account looks like. Your dance School videos will appear in library.
  • Instructions to watch your Dance Show online

    Once orders for the school have been made, Online DVD customers will get an email to stream their Online DVD before those that have ordered the physical DVD discs. Please note its easier to create your account with a laptop or tablet. It's your responsibility to ensure your password is secure.

    In the email click the green “Get Me” button and your browser will open to create a new account/or open your existing account. Your online DVD will immediately appear inside your account. Please note you can only use the "Get Me" button once per unique email address!

    To watch the video click on the appropriate icon in the account library. The DVD will open to the main menu. Use the menus as you would a normal DVD.

    You can expand the video to full screen my using the expand gadget in the bottom RH corner.  Use the gadget in top RH corner to go back to previous menu at any time.

    Watch on a large screen TV via an App (coming soon) or connect your laptop to the TV via HDMI cable.


  • Apps
    Apps are the best way to view your HD danceshow on a large screen TV. New apps are been introduced throughout 2018/19.

    Please Note that Apps for Android, Apple, Roku, Samsung, LG, Amazon Fire etc will come soon and instructions will be moved below.

    Current APPs

  • AppleTV Instructions
    Start your AppleTV device and download the "MediaZilla" app.
    Sign into your account
    In your account library, click the icon to watch your DVD on your large screen TV, in full HD!

    MediaZilla’s App for Apple TV Has Arrived!

    Demo of how the online app works.....

  • Terms

    For security this is a streaming service only (a little like Netflix), there are no video downloads.

    People with access to your account can delete the Online DVD, change your password etc, so it's your responsibility if you wish to share account with relatives and friends.

    Deletion of the online DVD cannot be replaced free of charge, you'll need to purchase it again.

    Passwords can be changed by yourself anytime. Always use strong passwords.

    If you forget your password, you can retrieve it online with only your email.

    For child protection your Online DVD is secure, video content can't be shared with other accounts, websites or on social media!

    You can never loose or damage your content as it's in the cloud.

    You can still have the DVD disc version (separate purchase).

    Once you press the green button to add your DVD to your account, there is a no returns policy in place.

    You must have internet access. If your internet isn't working you can't view your dance show. Also if your internet is slow or intermittent, your viewing experience may suffer. You may have to turn HD off! Turning the HD off is fine for smaller screens, but is not recommended for large screen TVs!

    Online DVD Guarantee

    Your online DVD will always be available. If for some reason this changes sometime in the future we will do everything in our power to either transfer the online videos to a new platform, or to replace all dance show videos with a DVD or HD/4K video file for those that want one.

    We have all show video files safely backed up on our hard drives and on DVD discs, so should always have a copy available for as long as we are in business.

    Online DVDs will remain your property even if Danceshowfilming deletes the Online DVD from our server, or stops trading. So you the customers will always have access to your online DVD dance show!

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  • We want you to love this new service. If you are either a dance school or an individual customer, please contact us if you have any questions and we'll be happy to help.