• Online Delivery

  • Here is a little information about the new Online Delivery Service from Danceshowfilming. This page should be considered as terms for the service so please read carefully.

  • What is it?
    Because so many people now no longer own a DVD player, and the fact that DVD is only standard definition, we feel that in this day and age we should be offering something much better than DVD copies of the show. We tried Blu-ray years ago, but it never took off as we hoped and is very complicated and expensive to produce.
    So after a lot of research we have found a professional video streaming platform called MediaZilla that works very similar to NetFlix, streaming full resolution HD video with a chapter for every act, and secure enough for child protection. Please note that this is a streaming service only and there is no physical download of the video files.
    Unlike Netflix, your Mediazilla account is FREE to use for as long as you want (which of course will be many years)! You just pay in exactly the same way as you would for a DVD, and we'll send you the link to upload your video into your account. If you don't have an account you will be asked to make one. The result is that you can play the full HD dance shows on any device, from ANYWHERE you want, even from overseas (depending on country)!
  • Showing what your account looks like. Your dance School videos will appear in library.
  • MediaZilla  will deliver your dance show on multiple devices in Full 1080P HD! We will offer your dance shows in 4K video in the future, as we film 99% of our dance shows in 4K! 

    Although there IS a difference between the resolution of DVD, HD and 4K, you won't benefit form them if you watch these on a small screen such as a tablet or phone. Low resolution would still look OK on those. The difference is when you view on a large screen TV! HD on a large screen TV will look much better than DVD ever could! Your dance show in 4K in theory, will look even better on a 4K TV than HD! The bigger the screens get, the more you will notice the difference between the formats. Who knows how large screens will be in a few years?

    The trade off is the higher the resolution, the more bandwidth you'll need! If your internet isn't good, you may be able to watch your online dance show if you turn HD off (available by a button in top righthand corner of the video). Not recommended for large screen TVs, but should be fine for smaller screens.

    Online Delivery Guarantee 

    Mediazilla has been around for many years and is here to stay. Your Dance Show Video will always be available to you online. However as with anything in life there are no guarantees that something may happen to the platform, or it may be absorbed into a larger platform in the future. Under these circumstances DanceShowFilming should get a notification period and will guarantee to do everything in our power to either transfer the online videos to a new platform, or to replace your dance show account with a HD/4k video file or DVD equivalent on request at that time. 


We have all dance show HD video files safely backed up on our hard drives so should always have a copy available, so our guarantee will be active to you for as long as we are in business.

    In the meantime, please be aware that we only guarantee DVD discs for 1 month from date of the order by your dance school! DVD discs are subject to been lost, damaged or to even cease working with age. DVD is a very old format that hasn't changed or progressed in anyway for over 20 years! There are risks with all long term video ownership. We feel the online streaming version would be the safest!

  • When a student buys the online delivery version
    Because there is no physical media such as a DVD disc and DVD case, we can offer our Online Delivery service cheaper than the DVD alternative! We will email you a "one time use" invitation email. In the email there is a green button the customer needs to click to assign the Dance show video to a new or existing free Mediazilla account. The purchased video will automatically appear inside the account. Note that your account email address can be different.

    Please Note: Once your online delivery has been purchased there is no refund available. We are unable to disable your account so there is no changing your mind. If you would prefer a DVD you will need to buy one separately. Sorry about the inconvenience.

    How dance schools collect the orders for the Online delivery service
    Collect the orders in the same way as you do for DVD, except the price is a little cheaper for this delivery, and you will also need to collect email addresses from those that want it. The email is only used to send a unique download link where they can set up a free online account to watch their dance show video from. For security the purchaser can use a different email on their account if they wish, and change username and passwords at any time etc. If they forget their password they can retrieve it from the login page.
    How video content is viewed
    Once a free account is made and the video file is inside, just click on the video file to open it up to the Main menu, just like a DVD. Here you can either play the whole dance show, or choose the Chapter menu so you can go straight to a particular act. The online version and the DVD version behave in exactly the same way.
    Dance Shows all play back in full 1080P HD (and soon will come in 4K). You can turn the HD off if your internet isn't good. Your dance show can be viewed on PCs, Macs, Tablets, iPhones, Android Devices, Large Screen TVs and just about anything with an HTML5 web browser.
    There is currently an App for Apple TV, which is by far the BEST way to watch your dance show! Mediazilla will be releasing Apps for more devices in the near future including iPhone, Android, Roku and even an Samsung TV App! Apps are way the platform is heading over the next year or so and is the superior and easiest way to watch the Dance show content in the future.

  • Large Screen TVs
    At present, to watch full HD contents on a large screen TV, use your AppleTV and download the MediaZilla App. This is the very best way to watch your dance show video! Alternatively you can use Google Chromecast and similar devices to mirror the browser from your synced devices. Modern TVs have web browsers built in where you can log into your Mediazilla account and watch your dance show in full HD as normal! Or another great way is connect to your TV to your laptop via a HDMI cable.
    As future technology gets better and better, website browsing around the home will get even easier and easier.
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  • Benefits of Online Delivery
    You can watch it anywhere, on any modern device with an HTML5 web browser, or with the Apps that will be appearing over the next year or so.
    Account is secure, video content can't be shared with other accounts, websites or on social media!
    You can never loose your content as it's in the cloud.
    You can't damage your content, you have it as long as you have your account and will always be as good as the day you got it.
    If you have Dance show videos every year, they can all be accessed from the same account.
    Your account will receive future proof updates from Mediazilla, making it better and faster.
    You can still have the DVD version (separate purchase)
    If you forget your password, you can retrieve it online with only your email.
    Your Online Dance Show is guaranteed for longer than a DVD version.
    If we delete the dance show in our master account, you will still have it as normal in your own account, until the day you delete it yourself!
  • Drawbacks
    You may NOT be able to get past the fact you don't have a physical disc in your hand. It's all in the cloud.
    If you let someone else access your account, they can change your password or delete your contents or even delete the account itself! This makes sharing your account more risky than borrowing someone your DVD disc!
    If you do delete your contents, either purposely or by accident, you'll need to purchase the dance show again if you want it back - and only if it's still available! You'll need a new email address as you can only use an email address once per video.
    You must have internet access. If your internet isn't working you can't view your dance show. Also if your internet is slow or intermittent, your viewing experience may suffer. You may have to turn HD off! Turning the HD off is fine for smaller screens, but is not recommended for large screen TVs!
    You may be worried about the Online streaming platform disappearing. We are so confident that it won't that we have a guarantee in place to help you with this.
    This is a streaming service only, you CAN'T download video from the account. DVD is a separate purchase.
    Once online video is purchased, you can't cancel it or change your mind in favour of a DVD.
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    We want you to love this new service. If you are either a dance school or an individual customer, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about it and we'll be happy to help.