• Why Are We So Popular?

    The reason that we have become so popular is because of the investment in experience, time and equipment to bring you the very best production of your show. Filming shows is not for the faint hearted and notoriously difficult to pull off. The videographer has to concentrate on focus, exposure and framing the shots at the same time, and it MUST be right first time as with all live events, there are no second chances. It's very easy for footage to be either overexposed (too bright), underexposed (too dark and desaturated) or a just left as a constant wide shot that is very dull on television.

  • We have great editing facilities and our professional editing technique can really bring your show to life. With a mixture of different camera angles, wide shots and close up work we provide a much richer viewing experience.

    As well as offering all our experience for filming and editing your show, we have made real investment into equipment too. Even though we still offer DVD disc, it's still better to film and edit in 4K right up to the last moment. The resulting DVD is sharper with better colours and sound. The Online DVD version is superb and the coming 4K version of your dance shows will blow your socks off!

    We have a great Child Protection Policy including all our own in house duplication and printing and should be able to let you know before filming how fast the turnaround will be (depending on our work load around the time of your show).

    Many hours are put into the Editing to bring you the very best look and feel to your show. We also advise with lighting and other effects that may affect the video.

    So for a production company that specialises in filming and editing theatre and dance shows, you can rest assured that we can offer you all you need.

    Child Protection Policy