• Sell Your Own Service

    We offer a "Sell Your Own" service where we'll professionally film and edit your show as normal, and provide you with a DVD disc and/or ISO image file. You can then duplicate your own copies and sell your show discs for whatever price you wish.

    For show with lower DVD sales, we offer a  Free Filming and Editing Service where you don't pay a penny, but can't earn anything from the DVDs either. Follow link

    A short Highlights video can be edited for an additional fee of £60.


    You may make a profit from selling the DVD copies of the show, and charge whatever price per DVD you wish.

    A minimum £100 non refundable booking fee is required per show for first time customer and it will be deducted from the invoice of your order.

    Payment for this service must be made to DanceShowFilming prior to filming. This payment (or part thereof) is refundable if for whatever reason beyond our control the filming doesn't take place, or some other incident prevents filming.

    The event runs for 3 hours or under (not including the main breaks). Please contact us for details if you expect your show to run longer.

    A small mileage charge may apply if the location is outside of a 35 miles radius of Nottingham.

    We'll supply you with a sample DVD to make sure everything is great, then supply a finished show DVD (or set of 2 DVDs discs if the show is over 90 minutes) or ISO files. If your disc become damaged we can provide a replacement for a small handling and postage fee.

    Service doesn't include Disc or DVD case art work.

    We're not responsible for the sales and the quality of your copies or any relevant public liabilities. Duplication and distribution of the Shows DVDs are your responsibility.

    We don't put any DanceShowFilming acknowledgements on the video but we remain the copyright owners of the filming and editing, and you may not state that you or another company has filmed and edited the show. You have full copyright of how you wish to duplicate and distribute the DVDs only.

    We can provide a competitive Duplication and Artwork service on request if you don't have the facilities to burn your own DVDs.

    We operate a 1st Come 1st Serve basis so please book in plenty of time.