• Our FREE Filming and Editing Service

    We offer this service to your school for the sales of an agreed number of DVD discs and Streaming DVDs of your show. No direct fee to your school and you agree not to increase the price to the students.

    Check our "Sell Your Own" Service if you wish to make a profit for DVD sales.

  • Free Filming and Editing Price Guide
    Price for Local filming - DVD Discs and Streaming Service

    • Within a 35 miles radius of Nottingham (Local Price), the price is £16 per unit for a minimum of 35 units.
    • For shows within 35 miles of Nottingham who need less than 35 units, £500 for a up to 20 units (then £25 each).
    • All orders can be a mixture of DVD discs and Streaming Service orders.

    The above is based on shows under 150 minutes running time including interval. 

    We travel all over the Midlands!

    If you need your show filmed outside of our 35-mile local area or over 180 minutes please discuss your requirements with us so we can customise pricing to your needs.

    A short Highlights video can be edited for an additional fee of £99.



    As part of our free service to you, you honour the agreed unit price and the agreed minimum order quantity.  If you wish to set your own unit price please use our  "Sell Your Own" service.

    The date of your show is secured only if:

    1. You have paid booking fee. The minimum amount of non-refundable booking fee is £100 for first-time reservation and it will be deducted from the invoice of your main order.
    2. We confirm it to you in an email or facebook communication.

    For shows that run longer than 150 minutes (including interval), or is further than 35 miles from us, the unit price is to be agreed upon by both parties before the reservation is confirmed.

    Because of the amount of work and time it takes, there is a £200 fee per person for blanking out faces from the DVD. To help avoid this, please seek permission from performers and their guardians before filming day. Another way around it is for the performer to wear makeup to hide their features.

    The main order is to be made and paid for within 21 days after the sample is sent to you.

    Payment in Full to be made before delivery of the order. An official invoice will be available for download, updated at every stage.

    Postage is free for the main order but charges may apply for further DVD disc orders.

    For sales over 100 orders, we will refund a percentage back to you.

    All DVD copies are Guaranteed to be in working order within one month of distribution and can be replaced with a new copy in the event of a problem. 

    It is the purchasers' responsibility to check discs when they receive them. We can not freely replace DVD discs after 1 month due to them being damaged or not working correctly!

    Raw footage is deleted after the main order is delivered to make room for further dance shows. Once it's gone it's gone.

    We seek permission before we show any digital video or stills on our website or on our social Facebook page.

    As part of our Child Protection Policy, we produce copies of your show in-house. NO IMAGES OF BABIES or VERY YOUNG children will be available to the performers online via our Facebook or website.

    Important: We operate a 1st Come 1st Serve basis so please book in plenty of time.

    Streaming DVD Guarantee

    Your Streaming DVD will always be available. If for some reason this changes sometime in the future we will do everything in our power to either transfer the online videos to a new platform, or to replace all dance show videos with a DVD or HD/4K video file for those that want one.

    We have all show video files safely backed up on our hard drives and on DVD discs, so should always have a copy available for as long as we are in business.

    Streaming DVDs will remain the property of the customer even if Danceshowfilming deletes the Online DVD from our own premium account, or close our online account. There's no effect on the customer's copy. The customers will always have access to their Streaming DVD dance show for life!


  • NOTES:

    All these prices are much cheaper than most companies of our level who are using multiple cameras. There are no filming or editing charges (worth at least £750).

    We always film with at least two Videographers and three 4K cameras if possible.

    All copies come with colour menus and chapters for every act and are identical for both Streaming DVD and DVD discs. DVD discs come in a colour printed case, on high grade printed discs. 

    We are offering Streaming DVD in full 1080P HD!

    We travel all over the UK Midlands. Prices per order may differ from local prices for shows greater than 35 miles of Nottingham. Please contact us for further information.

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