• Never Enough by Daniel and Kei

    Never Enough duet from the Marilyn Jones Dance Centre Showtime 2018 show, held at Mitchell Arts Centre in July 2018.

    Be Our Guest

    Be our Guest from the Aimee Louise School of Dance Xmas show - Joyful Joyful, held in the Laudau Forte theatre, Tamworth December 2017.

    Circle of Life by Dance Unit

    Circle of Life from The Dance Unit 2017 Show - held at Bedworth Civic Hall, Sep 2017

    Stagedoor - As One Door Closes - Teachers Number.

    Stagedoor - As  One Door Closes annual dance show - "Power" - The Teachers Number. Filmed at Mansfield Palace Theatre June 2017

    Anthem by Hannah Kimberley

    Anthem by Hannah Kimberley from the Syncopation BIG BANG Swing show, held at Mansfield Palace Theatre April 2017.

    Addict - Quiet Uptown

    Addict Dance Studio presents, Quiet Uptown - Btec 1st Year Lyrical Jazz from their "Louder" showcase held at Peepul Enterprise Theatre in Leicester, April 2017.

    Roxanne Advanced Technical Jazz

    Roxanne Advanced Technical Jazz from the EPA Academy 2016 show "Journey," performed by the students of the EPA college.

    Recovery Contemporary Thomas Cooper

    Recovery Contemporary Thomas Cooper from the EPA LIFE show, August 2016.

    Piece by Piece – HND Lyrical Jazz

    Addict Dance Academy presents Piece by Piece - HND Lyrical Jazz filmed at Peepul Enterprise, Leicester in June 2016. Showing off the talents of the HND students.

    Reverence by Addict Dance Academy

    Addict Dance Academy presents one of their favourite acts from the Grad16 show in June, 2016. Reverence - HND Ballet