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    If you would like us to save your show date, please ensure the date is free first by using our "Are We Available" Gadget on the right. Please note however that just because your day is not booked doesn't necessarily mean it's available, as it also depends on other factors such as how many shows we have booked round the time of your show etc.

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  • When you have completed the following Booking Form, please ensure we reply (with the results of this form in the reply email), to make sure we have received your request and that the show information is correct. We will guide you through all the steps from there to make a successful booking.

    Once successfully booked we will of course contact you again well before the dance show to make arrangements for camera positions etc.

    Its very important  that you read our TERMS for either our "Free Filming & Editing" Service or our "Sell Your Own" Service, whichever you're interested in?

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