• Better Quality Dance Show films

    16th March 2017 | Articles
  • Had a thought last night that woke me up at 4am and didn't allow me to sleep again.... What if I shot dance shows in v-log using the full 12 stops of dynamic range my two main cameras can use? Does this mean the spotlight hot spots in the middle of the stage, and shadows at the back and down the sides are going to be improved when the stage isn't lit as evenly as I would like?
    I have one new monitor to be able to use v-log effectively and will look more in depth into this before investing in another, which are over £1k a pop. I want the best possible picture for my customers so I think this could be the way to go.....
    Then there is online delivery I am looking into, allowing both HD and 4K dance shows over the low quality DVDs that is all that is on offer atm. I think DVDs are the past now in this age of Higher Definition and 4K. We actually film show in 4K so why not offer this?
    The future is exciting!
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